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Friday, January 22, 2010


A little while ago, I was given the topic, 'Homeschool,' and a deadline. With a few other Sunday projects mixing around, the homeschool story got bumped ahead a week. So, after getting initial information for the story, I made some additional contacts and spent several hours one day at a homeschool co-op in Midland that meets on Tuesdays. From there, I met Kelly Aguilera and her 8 children between preschool and a senior in college and was able to hang out with them yesterday. I wish I had more time, but so it goes sometimes.











August Kryger said...

Some nice moments and beautiful light in many of these, well done.

Alison said...

Thank you for sharing! Beautiful photos. I have the privilege of knowing the Aguilera's personally. They are a wonderful dedicated family.

I was almost exclusively home-schooled with the exception of a few months for second grade (in 1986). I am so thankful to my parents for choosing to do teach me at home. I have gone on to excel in college, making Dean's list twice and Vice President's once and I'm not done attending yet! :)

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