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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Detainment Follow up

This letter was on my desk the other week and the effort taken to look into this is greatly appreciated. I only hope the incident won't happen in the future. In a few days I'll repost my account of what took place. I had it on my blog originally that same day, but decided to take it down until I researched a little more about my rights and we discussed it further at the newspaper.



Justin said...

Very useful information John. Thanks for posting.

Steve Bartel said...

Awesome. I'd carry a copy in your camera bag.

Tully said...

thanks Justin and Steve. I may make a copy to frame (haha) and thought about carrying it in my bag.

Ryan J. Stanton said...

According to what I learned in media law in college, police have absolutely no right to seize any of your property in a situation like that. Of course, who knows how "Homeland Security" has changed that ...

Dave Ellis said...

I'm moving to Midland just so that I can vote for that guy when he's up for re-election.

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